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Become a partner

Through its work, Agropolis Fondation establishes partnerships with different entities wishing to explore innovative solutions to address the major challenges of food, agriculture and biodiversity.
These partnerships help to:

  • co-finance scientific programmes on subjects of common interest
  • co-finance scientific positions to attract the best global expertise
  • develop joint funding mechanisms (Calls for proposals, commission projects, etc.)
  • organise joint scientific events to foster the dissemination of knowledge

Through Agropolis Fondation, its partners have access to a leading global network in agricultural research.


Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem, Directrice d’Agropolis Fondation, Directrice du Labex Agro

Oliver Oliveros, Directeur Délégué, en charge des partenariats, des coopérations internationales et du développement

Camille Clément, Chargée du suivi des projets scientifiques