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Science council (SC)

The Foundation’s 11-member Science Council (SC) is composed of scientific personalities from France and abroad. It provides guidance concerning the Foundation’s scientific orientation in response to emerging scientific challenges and priorities, subject to approval of the Foundation’s Governing Board.

Members have diverse and extensive experience in research and higher education in agricultural sciences in Southern as well as in Northern countries.

The SC provides recommendations and suggestions on various research and partnership activities that can be supported and pursued by the Foundation. It is also involved in the evaluation of the activities of the Foundation and its scientific network.


Raoul Bino


Wageningen University (Netherlands)

mini CV

Marie-Christine Cormier Salem IRD-MNHN (Senegal) mini CV
François Cote Cirad (France) mini CV
Alia Gana CNRS (France) mini CV
Michel Griffon

Chair of the AEI (International Association for an Ecologically Intensive Agriculture

Consulting - Griffon

mini CV
PaPaul Hebertul Hebert University of Guelph (Canada) mini CV
Devra Jarvis

Chair of Agropolis Fondation Science Council

Bioversity International (Italie) mini CV
Marie-Laure Navas Montpellier SupAgro (France) mini CV

Béatrice Satiat-Jeunemaitre

CNRS (France)

mini CV

Catherine StantonCatherine Stanton Teagasc (Irlande) mini CV
Françoise Vedele Inra (France) mini CV