Our actions

Supporting scientific excellence and international partnerships

Agropolis Fondation supports high-level scientific work involving its scientific-network and international partners in addressing all aspects of the Plant:

For this purpose, the Foundation regularly launches Calls for Proposals and collaborative actions to fund scientific projects and promote scientific mobility of international scientists.

Flagship Programmes and Grand Federative Projects

Agropolis Fondation supports five major initiatives for a combined fudning of 9 million Euros:

  • Pl@ntNet, a collaborative Web2.0 database on plants
  • ArCaD, a genetic resource center for crop conservation, adaptation and diversity
  • Biofis, a project on bioagressors and invasive species from individual to population to species
  • Fabatropimed, a project on ecological services of legumes for nitrogen and phosphorus biogeochemical cycles and C sequestration in cereal cropping systems in Africa & the Mediterranean basin
  • Rhizopolis, a project on plant root research

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On-going and supported projects

Four years after its establishment in 2007, Agropolis Fondation has already been supporting more than 100 projects with a combined funding commitment of 15 million Euros.

These projects involve more than 300 partners from around 60 countries and involve more than 180 international scientists.

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International actions:Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize & Support to GCARD

Prix scientifique international Louis MalassisWe have created the Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Agriculture and Food .

This Prize is awarded during the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD), an international event supported by  Agropolis Fondation.


On-going partnerships

Agropolis Fondation develops partnerships with other funding agencies, foundations, private enterprises, institutions or scientific programmes.

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Our Fellows

The Agropolis Fondation Fellowship Programme is designed to promote the exchange of knowledge among scientists from around the world.

To date, our roster of Fellows includes more than 180 international scientists from more than 30 countries.

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Jeff Bennetzen - Financement de recherche

Dr. Jeffrey Bennetzen, Agropolis Foundation Senior Visiting Fellow (June 2008-December 2008), is a Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia (USA) and is a member of the US National Academy of Science.