Our actions

On-going partnerships

Geographic distribution of partner institutions involved in projects
supported by the Foundation,
CfPs 2007, 2008 & 2009.

Agropolis Fondation works with various partners to further its scientific efforts, promote development-oriented research, extend its reach and foster synergy in exploring solutions to the world's food, agriculture and agrobiodiversity challenges.

We continuously seek partnerships with scientific and research organizations, development agencies, universities, private sector, non-government organizations, private foundation and other entities interested in joining us to further our scientific efforts and promote development-oriented research.

Strengthening scientific links in the field of agriculture and food between Brazilian and French scientists

International agricultural resarch

Improvement of biological intensification

Impact of the transport infrastructure on plant and its environment

Innovation and food styles

Support development-oriented research in agriculture with Italian teams

Support African Women in Agricultural Research

Knowledge sharing and scientific capacity building involving scientists from France, Brazil and Africa

Computational Plants and Eco-Systems

Toupargel sponsors Agropolis Fondation's effort in supporting project to improve the nutritional quality of frozenfruits and vegetables