Partnership opportunities

Partnership opportunities

We continuously seek partnerships with scientific and research organizations, development agencies, universities, private sector, non-government organizations, private foundation and other entities interested in joining us to further our scientific efforts, promote development-oriented research, extend our reach and foster synergy.


Partnership opportunities are wide-ranging. By collaborating with us, partners are able to gain access to our scientific network, a unique source of talent, research and innovation. Partners may also benefit from tax incentives related to philanthropic contributions (mecenat)* and "research tax credit" (Crédit Impôt Recherche, CIR).


*Contributions entitle companies to a tax break of 60% of the donation with a ceiling of 0.5% of the company turnover. Should this ceiling be exceeded or should the financial year shows a deficit the balance can be carried over for the 5 fiscal years following the donation (Article 238 bis 1° du code général des impôts (Tax code)).

What we can do together

While we have the facilities and equipment - from experimental sites to technological platforms - and a unique pool of expertise, the challenge far outweighs our current means.

We seek to establish partnerships with those keen on exploring with us solutions to the world's food, agriculture and biodiversity challenges. We are convinced that joining forces will result in a better synergy of efforts in promoting scientific excellence and relevance while maximizing development impact.

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Our current partnerships 

Working with Agropolis Fondation offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to creating sustainable solutions to fundamental questions through innovative agricultural research.

We have on-going partnerships and co-funding activities with various international institutions and programmes.

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