Supporting science

Supporting scientific excellence

Agropolis Foundation provides support in the form of grants and fellowships that enable leading international scientists to come and work in the Foundation’s scientific network in Montpellier. It also supports projects that enable the network’s research units to establish or reinforce international partnerships.

Fellowships Programmes

The Agropolis Fondation Fellowship Programme is designed to promote the exchange of knowledge among scientists from around the world. Agropolis Fellows work together with their counterparts and a team of scientists in various research units based in Montpellier. Together, they explore solutions to address plant research issues related to agriculture and sustainable development in the temperate, Mediterranean and tropical regions

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Call for Proposals

The Foundations launches Calls for Proposals (CfP) following the decision made by the Foundation's Board upon recommendation of the Science Council (SC). The Calls are published in the website and are communicated to the various research units

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Research Grants and various Support Awards

Agropolis Fondation contributes to the establishment and/or strengthening of scientific platforms and projects. It sponsors international training courses, seminars and workshops. It can also support proposal writing, publication and research dissemination, etc.

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Funding Framework

Funding Categories

Funding Framework Funding Categories