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Agropolis Fondation Fellowship Programme

The Agropolis Fondation Fellowship Programme is designed to promote the exchange of knowledge among scientists from around the world . Agropolis Fellows work together with their counterparts and a team of scientists in various research units based in Montpellier. Together, they explore solutions to address plant research issues related to agriculture and sustainable development in the temperate, Mediterranean and tropical regions.

Unlike other programmes, Agropolis Fellowship Programmes are linked to the development and implementation of specific research activities involving the Foundation's scientific network . As such, it plays an important role in structuring research as well as in fostering and reinforcing international partnerships in key and strategic research facing the temperate, Mediterranean and tropical regions.

Agropolis Fondation Fellowship is intended to attract scientists from around the world and is awarded on a competitive basis. Candidates from or having worked in developing or emerging, Southern or Mediterranean countries are encouraged to apply.

Calls for Proposals (CfP) are launched on a regular basis. Each Call specifies the terms and the type of research support to be provided by the Foundation under a given Call.

Five types of Fellowships are awarded by the Foundation:


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Funding Framework Funding Categories