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The Foundation supports three categories of projects:

Research projects Training projects Dissemination, promotion and transfer projects
Exploratory and innovative projects;
Disciplinary projects exploring research fronts;
Major multidisciplinary flagship projects.
Creation of training courses;
Establishment of MOOCs;
International thematic schools.
International scientific events;
Project maturation/transfer;
Publication and dissemination.

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Modelling of water and nutrients uptake by plant root systems

Modelling of water and nutrients by plant root systems: a mathematical and numerical approach with explicit account of root system architecture

A finite element code for 3D water solutes transfer in soils was developed within the FAFEMO and FreeFem++ calculation platforms. The advantage is to have a high performance, parallelized, computer code which can be executed faster for large 3D problems. In collaboration with CReSTIC (Reims), a first code for geometric coupling between soil and root architecture was developed and is presently further implemented. In order to couple (...)
Plant Ecophysio/architecture/phenotyping Operation Architecture Model Water root
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Modelling the bioenergetics of a natural digester: the human gut microbiome

The scientific mobility will be associated to a project starting at Arizona State University (ASU) on the evaluation of gut microbiome contribution to human bioenergetics. This project is led by Dr. Andrew Marcus from the Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology under the supervision of Pr. Bruce Rittmann. • Objective 1 will be the development of a microbial ecology model of gut microbiome that would enable a precise (...)
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RYMV/riz Tz

Montage de partenariat public-privé RYMV/riz en Tanzanie

Exploratory mission to Tanzania to set up a public-private partnership on the rice yellow mottle virus and to analyse the climatic factors favouring its emergence
Agroecology Agroecosystem Bio-aggressor Agrobiodiversity Rice madagascar
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MontpellierRoot2017 - Montpellier Lateral Root Workshop 2017

The objective of the requested funding was to support the organization of the Lateral Root Workshop 2017 held in Montpellier. The workshop was centered around young scientists (PhD and post-docs) and we provided grants for their travel and accommodation costs (10 speakers out of 20). The funding was also used to organize a social event on the first evening of the meeting and for 2 days-organization (coffee breaks and lunches) for 64 persons. (...)
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MooSciTIC - a shot of science

The main objective is to upgrade BSc and MSc curricula in West African higher education institutions, through: the improvement of the training of the trainers (teachers and lecturers); the update of existing teaching material and the creation of new material; the training of Master students. A significant part of the scientific contents of the trainings proposed under the MooSciTIC initiative will be determined by the needs that will (...)
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Wood formation controlsunder mineral and woter stress on eucalyptus

mpact of water constraint in relation to the mineral element intake on Eucalyptus wood properties and xylem genome expression

Developing the plant of the future Agroecosystem Genomics Operation/adaptation Abiotic stress Phosphorus Eucalyptus
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Multifaceted sustainability

Multifaceted sustainability of agro-ecological pest management: tackling ecological, evolution and sociological challenges with fruit-fly research.

Creation of a multidisciplinary working group (ecology, evolution, SHS) on pest control and more specifically on a sustainable way to manage fruit flies.
Agroecology Agroecosystem Bio-aggressor Production system Sustainability Vigne et vin Mango
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Natural and human-mediated evolution in hyperdominants Palms of Amazonia: a historical genOmics proff-of-concept test.

Recent discoveries suggest that Amazonia might have been more intensively impacted by humans than previously thought. Notably, the contemporary distribution of genomic diversity of hyperdominant crop species that have been used by humans for millennia in wild forests landscapes may still bear the traces of pre-Colombian societies, and would result from a complex (...)
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NewPearl - Combining new phenotyping approaches and next generation sequencing to accelerate breeding in pearl millet, an orphan cereal from arid regions

Developing the plant of the future Sustainability Plant Ecophysio/architecture/phenotyping Varietal improvement Gene expression Protein/proteomic Quality Value chain Mil root
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Support for the organisation of the 3rd International Symposium on Plant Nitrogen Nutrition. The event will be split into 7 or 8 sessions dealing with the main aspects of plant nitrogen nutrition (transport, metabolism, distribution, signalling, genomics, interactions with other nutrients and signals, bacterial and fungal systems and use efficiency, ecophysiology and agroecology + NSF funded session to be confirmed) and will revolve around a (...)
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