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The Foundation supports three categories of projects:

Research projects Training projects Dissemination, promotion and transfer projects
Exploratory and innovative projects;
Disciplinary projects exploring research fronts;
Major multidisciplinary flagship projects.
Creation of training courses;
Establishment of MOOCs;
International thematic schools.
International scientific events;
Project maturation/transfer;
Publication and dissemination.

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Genetic and architecture in Mascarocoffea (MaGenA)

Special Round Table: Policies to foster innovation in the Mediterranean Region

This Round Table brought together senior agricultural and rural development Ministry and development agency officials and specialists from northern and southern Mediterranean countries and international organisations. The experts discussed global and national policies that foster innovation for sustainable development in agriculture and food in the Mediterranean Region. Panelists drew on practical experience and lessons from successful cases (...)
Microscopic (Gene/cell) Plant Genomics Operation/adaptation Genetic ressources Growth Model Coffee
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Stratégies innovantes de surveillance et de lutte contre les vecteurs en santé publique et en santé animale et contre les ravageurs de culture en santé végétale

Stratégies innovantes de surveillance et de lutte contre les vecteurs en santé publique et en santé animale et contre les ravageurs de culture en santé végétale

The objectives of this scientific animation day are multiple: To make the Vectopôle Sud network, the Vecteur working group of the Anses and the projects common to both groups known to the scientific community, but also to politicians and decision-makers, and to the general public (via social networks and articles in the media after the event); To bring together researchers, teacher-researchers and students, national and international (...)
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Pôle Vigne-vin

Structuration et valorisation du pôle vigne vin de Montpellier (Languedoc-Roussillon)

The Montpellier site brings together a leading scientific community on the Vine-Wine theme. In order to improve its international impact, it is important to support the structuring of this cluster and to promote it. Strengthening the readability and attractiveness of the Vine and Wine academic cluster requires the implementation of communication tools and coordination mechanisms for the (...)
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Study of the climate adaptation of wild coffee (Coffea canephora)

Coffee is the second largest trade commodity exported by Southern countries. Brazil is the first coffee producer worldwide and is also an important consumer. Coffea canephora (Robusta) provides 33% of global, and 22% of Brazilian coffee production. Climate change (warming and irregular rainfall patterns) however would have strong negative impacts in coffee production. On our knowledge, adaptive strategies mitigating these effects largely (...)
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Successful inculsion of Small-scale Farmers in upgrading value chains: Rice and Milk in the Senegal river Valley

In Senegal, rice farmers mostly sell their paddy to artisanal hullers. Since the 2007/2008 food crisis, private investments have been made in large hulling units, sometimes with the support of public policies. To ensure their supplies, these rice farmers are setting up new modes of coordination with producers cultivating less than 2 hectares, in connection with the credit financing of rice campaigns. The marketing contract matches a quality (...)
Sustainability Society Production system Family agriculture Demand Governance Small-scall producer Rice senegal
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The Greater Yam

Sunda or Sahul ? The origin of the Greater Yam (Dioscorea alata)

Support for a research project aimed at defining the origin of the large yam (D. alata) and its transfer to New Guinea and Melanesia. The specific objectives of this project are: (i) to clarify the relationship between D. alata and related species and analyse their genetic diversity through the use of NGS markers; (ii) to characterise 100 accessions of D. alata, originating from Africa, and to identify the genetic diversity of these (...)
Developing the plant of the future Plant Genomics Operation/adaptation Agrobiodiversity Adaptation Genetic diversity Starch Ignam
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BdS Fonctionnement

Support for the operation "Boutiques des Sciences"

The project to develop a space for dialogue between research and society in Occitania was born out of the dynamics of the "1st Science-Society Conferences" organised in July 2017 in Montpellier by the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Sud with the support of the Occitanie Region. This project is part of the regional dynamic currently at work around collaborative research and is inspired by the "Science Shop" model. It aims to develop sustainable (...)
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Supporting Agrobiodiversity in Mediterranean Agroecosystems to improve Drought Adaptation

In a context of increasing aridity, the ecological intensification of water use is a challenging issue in Mediterranean rainfed agroecosystems. The SAADA project targets the functional agrobiodiversity as a means to design of crop mixtures and agroforestry systems with high water-use efficiency.
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Sustainability of urban agriculture: public policies and innovations

Sustainability of urban agriculture: public policies and innovations

Bibliographic work has been done in the resarch field, both in theory and in relation to the Swiss context. Field investigations have been conducted in Geneva as well as in the agglomeration of Lausanne-Morges, with farmers, elected officials and professionals of territorial and agricultural development. These data helped developping an analysis framework of urban agriculture, between private management and public policy: which components (...)
Quality Agroecosystem Society Public Policy/Agriculture/Recommendation Poverty city Food Innovation Sustainability Urban
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