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Its governance

The governance of the Foundation is built on four statutory bodies:

  • the Executive Board;
  • the Permanent Bureau (Bureau) of the Executive Board;
  • the Science Council (SC);
  • the Group of Unit Directors.

Agropolis Fondation is governed by an Executive Board, which decides on the Foundation’s development policy, its long-term objectives and its partnerships.

It is made up of 17 members representing its founding members, its research units, the Occitanie Region, its private partners, and qualified persons. They bring a broad spectrum of knowledge to the Foundation and have extensive experience in the fields of research, higher education and international cooperation.

The Foundation’s Science Council is made up of 12 leading scientists (50% French; 50% international) with proven expertise in the field of research and higher education in agricultural sciences and with experience in and knowledge of issues in both the North and the South.

The SC provides advice on key scientific approaches and strategic actions that may be pursued by the Foundation and its scientific network. It provides recommendations and suggestions on research, hifher education and partnership actions that can be supported by the Foundation. It is also involved in following up the activities of the Foundation and its scientific network.

The Group of Unit Directors fosters consultation between the units in order to develop a concerted strategy, collaborative projects and proposals.

The 41 Unit Directors of the Foundation’s scientific network lead research conducted by around 1 500 scientists and 900 PhD students. They are involved in the initiation and implementation of research projects, as well as in the development of international collaborations and partnerships.


Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem
Directrice d’Agropolis Fondation

Marie-Anne Delplanque
Secrétaire Générale