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1rst Farmer Centric On-Farm Experimentation Conference


OFE can be a means of advancing both :
• the agro-ecological transition, for a society that is more respectful of the environment: experiments are carried out to gain a better understanding of the potential of one’s farm (e.g., the potential of the soil, of certain crops, etc.), but also to test new practices that are more economical in terms of inputs or more disruptive (mixed crops, combined crops);
• the digital transition: digital tools will facilitate these experiments and farmers will be encouraged to use them (within a framework supported by research) and to assess their usefulness for their daily work.
A double process of open innovation is thus made possible: on agricultural practices and on digital tools.
The conference will present the opportunities and new challenges of OFE: How to share the value of (open) innovation? How to build real user-centric systems? What are the opportunities for knowledge creation through the processing of this massive data? What public policies should be put in place to accelerate digital and agro-ecological transitions, by promoting on-farm experimentation?

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  • Start date :
    1 March 2021
  • Closing date :
    31 December 2021
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