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28th biannual conference of the ASIC


The local organising committee of the ASIC 2020 conference includes members of the research units AGAP, DIADE, IPME and HORTSYS, which are de facto partners of the ASIC association in the organisation of this event. The conference budget is managed by the ASIC association, with logistical support from the Alpha visa company. The DIADE unit is requesting a one-off grant from the Agropolis Foundation to participate in the organisation of this event, and will be responsible for the financial management of the amounts allocated by Agropolis Foundation. The budget requested concerns the costs of transport, accommodation and registration (meals) of young scientists from the South and PhD students. A specific application procedure for young researchers and PhD students from the South has been set up by the conference organisers. The selection of the candidates will be made by the scientific committee, during the evaluation of the abstracts and application files (March 2020).

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    1 January 2020
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    15 October 2020
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