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ANzAr Colloquium : Agroecology in North Africa


This project aims to organize a multi-actor colloquium, herein called Forum for its open-nature, on AE in Tunisia in 2022. The aims of the encounter are first to start building a network at a regional scale of actors interested in alternative forms of irrigated agriculture; second - on a more cognitive basis – evaluate how such an encounter can impact stakeholders’ 5 perceptions of AE, networks and praxis. The global theme will pertain to “Responsible Production in Irrigated Agriculture in North Africa”, focusing on agroecological concepts and solutions. The Forum will offer multiple activities based on co learning processes that will favor active participation, and small group exchanges to allow network constitutions. To achieve this, the Forum will bring together, for a three-day encounter, approximately 50 stakeholders, including farmers, NGOs, local associations and administrations, students, post-production chain value actors and researchers from North Africa, in the Chenini Oasis.

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  • Start date :
    1 May 2022
  • Closing date :
    31 August 2023
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