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AWARD - Scylv detection and diversity in Kenya


Confirmatory tests will be undertaken on the Kenyan plant samples that tested positive for SCYLV. The genetic diversity of the viruses isolated from Kenyan plant will also be assessed. We then intend to do a publication in a refereed journal and also present the results at the 12th International Plant Virus epidemiological Symposium on 28th January-1st February 2013 (Arusha, Tanzania) and at the 14th Rencontres de Virologie Végétale on 13th-17th January 2013 (Aussois, France). Ruth Amata had also requested Philippe Roumagnac and E. Fernandez for support towards developing loop primers for detecting potyviruses infecting maize. This would contribute greatly towards detecting those viruses that affect maize in Kenya and lead to significant yield loss.

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    15 January 2012
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    31 August 2012
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