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3 February 2020

Agropolis Fondation hosts McKnight’s CCRP Meeting

Agropolis Fondation will host the annual West African Community of Practice (CoP) and the Leadership Team meeting of McKnight Foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) on 24-29 February and 2-6 March, respectively.

Created in 1980s, CCRP has been funding agricultural research projects that generate technical and social innovations to improve nutrition, livelihoods, productivity, environmental sustainability, rural vibrancy, and equity for farming communities. Currently, most grants support regionally based research projects that are grouped into three regional community of practive (CoPs) in Africa and South America. A small portfolio of grants are cross-cutting in nature. Regional projects typically link international, national, and local organizations with communities of smallholder farmers, researchers, development professionals, and other stakeholders. Cross-cutting projects support aspects of work across regions or help to facilitate global-to-local connections.