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CAn Local Agriculture help improve the nutritional quality of food and reduce the environmental impact in GuadeLOUpe?


The aim of the CALALOU project is to develop an interdisciplinary innovative "fork-to-farm" approach (Verger et al., 2018) in order to analyse the capacity of local agricultural production to respond to an objective of improving the nutritional quality of food in Guadeloupe, while limiting the impacts on the environment. This approach aims to: (i) identify the dietary changes needed to improve the nutritional quality of diet, (ii) study the capacity of agricultural production to provide food products to satisfy these changes without increasing its environmental impact, and (iii) assess the acceptability and feasibility of these changes by the actors of the food system. CALALOU would be the first consortium to study the food nutrition-agriculture-environment nexus using nutrition as a lever for the relocalisation of food in Guadeloupe. CALALOU will offer a broader knowledge to Guadeloupe’s local stakeholders about the way to reconnect the various elements of the local food system.


WP0: Project management, communication and dissemination
WP1: Improving the nutritional quality of Guadeloupean diet with local food supply
WP2: Increasing local product in school catering
WP3: Individual preference for local products
WP4: Assessing impacts of optimised local supply scenarios to meet demand
WP5: Elaboration of a repertoire of actions and final seminar

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  • Start date :
    1 March 2022
  • Closing date :
    30 April 2024
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