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Challenges of Agriculture adaptation to Flood Risk in Urban Areas : synergies between flood protection , urban planning and peri-urban agriculture development


On the scale of a metropolis, the objective of the research project is to analyse how agricultural activities located in flood-prone areas contribute to the adaptation of territories to the impacts of climate change. In territories subject to heavy urbanisation, the question of opportunities and constraints between two planning policies will be particularly investigated: the preservation or even restoration of peri-urban agriculture, and the control of land use in flood-prone areas. The project aims also at revealing the adaptive capacities necessary for the agricultural systems so that the peri-urban agricultural systems can find perennial trajectories of development while contributing to reduce globally the effects of the flood on the territory. With the greater Montpellier area as a field, additional functions to those already known about peri-urban agriculture are thus questioned, starting with the metropolitan resilience to flooding.


WP1: Adaptive capacities of agricultural systems located in peri-urban flood zones
WP2: Urban analysis of constraints and opportunities for peri-urban agriculture in flood-prone area
WP3: Synthetic analysis
WP4: Project management, Dissemination, Network building

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  • Start date :
    1 February 2022
  • Closing date :
    31 May 2024
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