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Communicate on the Impact of Climate Change on the Development of Living Organisms


The project presented and for which we are requesting support from the Agropolis foundation constitutes a unique opportunity for international influence and dissemination of knowledge for French research on the theme of phenology through (i) the translation into English of a unique work "Plants in the rhythm of the seasons" published by Biotope, a reference work on phenological observation (http://www.biotopeeditions.com/index.php?article351/les-plantes-au-rythme-des-saisons) and (ii) the production of an exhibition for the general public, including schools. The aim of these two actions is to explain how climate change affects the annual life cycle of plants and animals and what ecological, agronomic, economic and public health consequences this generates. This project is part of the activities of SOERE TEMPO, which brings together several members of Agropolis Fondation, and with whom we hope to carry out several national and international communication actions on the impact of climate change on the functioning and performance of living organisms.

Thus, we wish to create communication tools that will mark the life of the network. These actions
These actions will take place between April 2020 and February 2021 and may also be included as a highlight at an international conference that we will organise over four years. international conference that we will organise over four days in June 2021 in Avignon. This will be a unique opportunity to opportunity to present this work to researchers from the five continents who are internationally recognised for their expertise in phenology (200-250 people). The link between this international conference project and the translation of the reference guide associated with an exhibition will determine their respective successes, particularly in terms of communication. This is why This is why we wish to associate the Fondation Agropolis with these productions from now on. Finally, this original set-up could serve as an example in other disciplines on an international scale, aiming to open up the world of research to citizens. the world of research to citizens.

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    1 January 1970
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    1 January 1970
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