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Agropolis International Dossier "Complex systems, from biology to territories"


This dossier will contribute to structuring, making visible and promoting the skills of the Occitanie scientific community working on the theme of "Complex Systems". This issue will present the issues and challenges related to this theme as well as the way in which regional actors contribute to meeting them through examples of cutting-edge scientific advances, major innovations, collaborations, infrastructures, original training courses, etc.


Identification of the thematic perimeter and the regional research actors involved
Call for contributions from the identified actors
Selection and commissioning of articles
Writing of articles and editing
Planned actions :
Layout of the document (French version)
Printing of the French file
Editing of the English version
Layout and printing (English version)


A communication document (about 72 pages) in French and English versions, printed in 2000 copies of each version.
Both versions will also be posted on the Agropolis International website and via social networks (free download).


This project is an important step in the structuring of a complex systems community in the field of biology, agriculture and the environment.

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  • Call for project
  • Start date :
    1 June 2017
  • Closing date :
    31 December 2018
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