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Improving epidemiosurveillance of Mediterranean and tropical plant diseases


The objectives of the project are to create synergies between existing epidemiological surveillance structures and to define innovative approaches to improve our knowledge of the pathological and epidemiological processes underlying the emergence of plant pathogens. Our objective is to provide epidemiological surveillance programmes with data and tools to improve their response to the emergence of plant pathogens.


Planned actions
1- understand the pathways of pathogen bio-invasion
2- understand the epidemiological dynamics and adaptive changes underlying the emergence of plant diseases
3- understand the biotic factors associated with the non-emergence or emergence of pathogens.


Expected results :
- Strengthened functional links between epidemiological surveillance stakeholders
- Two trial sites dedicated to rice epidemiosurveillance
- Diagnostic tools for epidemiosurveillance


Overall coherence with related national or international initiatives
The project should create synergy with existing national and international initiatives, e.g. the Plant Disease Phytobiome initiative supported by the American Phytopathological Society, the plant health monitoring platform currently under development at Anses, French networks (French Plant Health Network, FNX Xanthomonas, effectome) and regional initiatives in southern countries such as LMI Pathobios (Burkina Faso), LMI Rice (Vietnam), CRPs, ePRPV (south-western countries of the Indian Ocean)
Project management and coordination
The project will be coordinated by Professor Claire Neema with the help of researchers from UMR BGPI, IPME and PVBMT

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  • Call for project
  • Start date :
    1 October 2015
  • Closing date :
    30 September 2019
  • Flagship project :
  • Responsable
    Claire Neema (UMR BGPI)
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