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Ecology and evolution infectious Diseases conférence 2020

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At the interface between epidemiology and evolution, the EEID conferences are a major international scientific meeting that brings together each year more than 400 participants on the study of the epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases. This 18th edition will be the second one organised in Europe (after the 2018 edition in Glasgow) and will follow the 2019 edition which was organised at Princeton University (http://ideas.princeton.edu/eeid-2019/). It is a unique conference that facilitates the connection of new researchers with renowned scientists and thus allows the initiation of many new collaborations. This congress, which will bring together the most important learned societies of the discipline on a worldwide scale, represents a unique opportunity to highlight the richness and quality of the research carried out in this field by French researchers in general, and more particularly by the researchers of the Agropolis community.


The EEID 2020 conference aims to bring together a very active scientific community working on infectious diseases and combining approaches from epidemiology, ecology and/or evolutionary biology. A wide range of biological systems (from plants to vertebrate hosts, from viruses to metazoan parasites) and methodological approaches (phenotypic, genomic, theoretical) will be discussed in order to confront and combine the expertise and skills of the conference participants. In addition to the fundamental contribution to our understanding of host-parasite interactions, this integrative approach has concrete implications for plant and animal health in agronomy.The organisation of EEID 2020 is a great opportunity to bring together researchers from different Montpellier units, in particular from the labex agro, who are working on EEID themes. Such an event will also allow numerous contacts to be made with a view to developing and enriching existing collaborations between the Montpellier scientific community in evolutionary sciences and ecology and the world leaders in the discipline. Given the importance of this conference, it will also contribute to the scientific influence of our Montpellier community.

Project Number : 1900-020

Year : 2019

Type of funding : SP

Project type : PC

Research units in the network : CBGP DGIMI IPME-PHIM

Start date :
01 Jan 2020

End date :
31 Jul 2020

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Project leader :
Philippe Roumagnac

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Budget allocated :
5400 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
90400 €

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