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Ensuring the future of perennial crops in Southeast Asia in a context of gobal change : case of Garcinia fruit tree species.


MANNGIS will focus on a key perennial crop, the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana; Clusiaceae), as one of the most desirable tropical fruits of the region. Mangosteen’s place of origin and cultivation history remain unknown, but it is believed to have originated from a wild relative species in the Malay archipelago. Garcinia malaccensis and G. hombroniana are often cited as candidates, although this needs to be verified.


WP 2. Effects of calcareous soil and high temperature on genome expression


MANNGIS will allow:
unravelling the respective status of these species, as well as the cultivation history of mangosteen
identifying zones of high or particular genetic diversity to be conserved
contributing to the establishment of CSM&U strategies


Aa number of wild Garcinia species are still neglected (and threatened by deforestation), yet they can contribute to diversity in markets and to diets. These species need to be characterized (diversity, distribution, threats, nutrition, agronomic and economic potential, etc), and MANNGIS will provide a methodological framework to be replicated

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    1 September 2019
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    30 November 2022
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