Botany in the digital age

Developed as part of the Floris’Tic intiative [Started in 2015, the Floris’Tic initiative aimed to promote the scientific, technical and industrial culture of plant sciences. To achieve this, it relied on a consortium of complementary expertise in Botany, Computer Science and Project Animation (8 institutions (Agropolis Fondation - coordinator, Tela Botanica, INRIA, CIRAD, INRA, IRD, CNRS, University of Montpellier).

The overall aim of Floris’Tic has been to develop the capacity of players, particularly at local level, to design and deploy projects that mobilize and enrich botanical knowledge, and ultimately, through these players, to develop the scientific culture of plants for the greatest number of people. Pl@ntNet, financed to the tune of €2M by the Agence Nationale de la Rénovation Urbaine (ANRU), has become a recognized participatory tool for plant species recognition.
How does it work? Using a mobile or web application, anyone can identify thousands of plants from simple photos.

The application is now taking on an international dimension, with 22 projects: 16 projects by geographical zone, 3 thematic projects on cultivated and ornamental plants, and 3 micro-projects.

The Pl@ntnet project is currently run by a consortium of 4 research organizations: INRIA, CIRAD, INRAE, IRD, supported by the Foundation in the collection of donations, with over 14,000 donors each year.


Scientific contact
Pierre Bonnet
Administrative contact for donation