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Furanic acid F2 (FuFA-F2) from Hevea brasiliensis latex: Toward a transition to an ecologically responsible production of bioactive molecules in a society that sustainably manages its natural resources


Recent studies (CIRAD-KAPI/KU) have made it possible to characterize the presence in significant amounts of FuFA-F2 in the latex of the PB235 clone of rubber trees. Although the early procedure for collect, extraction and purification, unveiled 4 a high concentration of FuFA-F2 (0.4% (w/v)) in the latex of a clone (PB 235), its production has to be better investigated. Therefore, beyond the latex collection which is perfectly managed by the Franco-Thai team of CIRAD/KAPI, a better screen and investigation of the clonal variability on the FuFA-F2 production must be performed. In addition, a study to evaluate the effect of some classic agronomic determinants (season, tapping system) has to be performed in order to more precisely assess and control the production potential of FuFA-F2 from a plantation. Finally, a "greener" and/or a more efficient extraction technique will be developed to continue optimizing the yield of FuFA-F2 throughout the production chain.

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    1 December 2021
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    30 November 2024
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