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Innovation Pedagogical Resources in Conservation Agriculture for South-East Asia


objective of IPERCA is to pool pertinent resources from France, Brazil and Cambodia to target the CA-related educational and outreach constraints. The project aims at contributing to the master program in CA of the University of Battambang through the development of innovative pedagogical tools that fit and deal with the regional agricultural context.


The Three main activities will be implemented; they will contribute to set-up an interactive process of learning platform development between Labex Agro community and a southern university:
(1) defining and assessing the use of innovative pedagogical tools in the educational program;
(2) designing innovative pedagogical materials as an e-learning tool, validating the use of simple field and lab tools connecting the field to traditional teaching, video/clips of testimonials by farmers and extension agents, and longer instructional videos on selected issues, case studies (systemic analysis of agrarian contexts, adoption impacts and constraints, market chains, farmer access to production setting), and scripted research results and engineering know-how into pedagogical tools, emphasizing cropping systems design and performances;
(3) training and use on the e-learning device by webmaster, lecturers/professors and students.


Professors and students are actively involved in developing and evaluating innovative pedagogical tools. Sufficient operating and technological support at the University level conducive to the development of the e-learning tool is in place. E-learning familiarization tool established to provide initial training to professors and students. E-learning tool combines a large range of educational supports addressing the multiple dimensions of CA and forms part of a blended-strategy. SupAgro, UBB and CIRAD developed a pilot partnership bridging higher education and research around a first set of pedagogical materials.

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  • Start date :
    1 January 2015
  • Closing date :
    30 June 2017
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