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Inria, the national research institute for...

Inria, the national research institute for computer science and automation, promotes scientific excellence in the service of technology transfer and society. Inria employs 2700 people from the world’s best universities, who meet the challenges of computer science and mathematics.

Digital plants and ecosystems

Signed in 2008, this partnership aims to structure and strengthen an international scientific community in Montpellier focused on mathematical and computer modelling approaches for plants and their uses.

The aim is to build models to better understand, simulate and predict plant development and ecosystem functioning, in interaction with their environment. It is also a question of comparing the predictions of these models with the observations, or even guiding the experimentation.

The challenges are the optimization and adaptation of production systems, particularly in the face of climate change and biological aggression in a sustainable development perspective.

The scientific program has three main themes:

  • modelling of the plant and its uses, from the gene to the ecosystem
  • software development platform
  • international collaboration, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region

Floris’ Tic

INRIA is part of the consortium of 8 institutions (Agropolis Fondation (coordinator), Tela Botanica, INRIA, CIRAD, INRA, IRD, CNRS, University of Montpellier) that supports the Floris’ Tic project.

The objective of this project is to develop and strengthen the capacities of stakeholders, particularly territorial stakeholders, to design and implement projects that mobilize and enrich botanical knowledge, and ultimately, through these stakeholders, to develop scientific plant culture for the greatest number of people.