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5 January 2021

Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem’s wishes for 2021

Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem, Director of Agropolis Fondation sends you her best wishes for the New Year, making an initial assessment for 2020 and presenting her wishes for 2021.

"Despite the Covid-19 and the deteriorated working conditions, the Agropolis Fondation team continued its actions and endeavoured to meet its ambitions in line with the objectives of sustainable development. The pandemic reveals vulnerabilities, but also opportunities that encourage us to place ever greater emphasis on our three priority areas, namely :

  • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Responsible production and consumption

In the face of global challenges, there is an urgent need to promote transitions in all their dimensions: ecological, agricultural, food and digital. In this respect, I will insist on the 3 "I’s" that guide our actions: Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral, International.

Mobilising our community with new approaches and practices in research, training and innovation favouring the co-construction of knowledge; fostering dialogue between the worlds of science, politics and civil society; making the voices of those who do not have sufficient opportunity to express themselves heard, especially women and young people; defending research as a universal commons.

These have been and will continue to be our ambitions for 2021.

The Foundation, with a community of more than 3,000 scientists, must continue to pursue its missions in favour of agro-ecological transition and sustainable and equitable food systems. More than ever, it is a question of having a positive vision, oriented towards action, solutions and co-benefits between SDOs. The organisation and presentation of the Malassis, Olam and Shift Prize and the welcoming of the first fellows in Europe within the framework of the One Planet Fellowship Program are key events for this year 2021.

In order to be even more agile in the future, it is a question of developing new partnerships, both institutional and financial.

In order to carry out our missions, the team will be consolidated thanks to recruitments. In addition, a reflection will be carried out to better position the Foundation in a changing institutional landscape and to develop our evolutionary trajectory with our founding members and partners.

I invite you to follow our agenda, which will be particularly busy this year, and all our news on the Foundation’s website.

On behalf of the whole Agropolis Fondation team, I wish you a happy and successful year 2021, full of energy and beautiful projects. »


Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem