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Methods of Investigating Food and Eating

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Whereas there is a very large and productive community of research on food in France and French-speking countries, no book presenting the methods of studying food, eating and eaters has been published in French language. Such a methodological book lacks and would give to this research community, especially to its part that is based in Montpellier, a greater visibility.


The cycle of seminars MIAM aims at gathering a wide and mutidisciplinary range of specialists of different methdos in order to make a methodological manual, easily usable and covering the scope of contemporary methods used in sociology, anthropology, political sciences, economics, management sciences, marketing, consumers sciences and nutrition to study food, eating and eaters.
Organizers: Nicolas BRICAS (Chaire UNESCO Alimentation du Monde; Cirad, Moisa), Muriel FIGUIÉ (Cirad, Moisa), Tristan FOURNIER (CNRS, Iris), Olivier LEPILLER (Cirad, Moisa)


Planned MIAM agenda:

28 November 2017 MIAM#1
16 January 2018 MIAM#2
15 February 2018 MIAM#3
13 March 2018 MIAM#4
10 April 2018 MIAM#5
15 May MIAM#6
12 June MIAM#7
10 July MIAM#8
11 September MIAM#9
09 October MIAM#10
13 November MIAM#11
11 December MIAM#12
+ 2019 dates: to be defined

Expected contributions on:

Interventional research
Nutritional e-epidemiology and online questionnaire
Quantitative measurement of food consumption
Focus group
Visual methods
Experimental restaurants
Experimental economics
Food barometers and recurring surveys
Connected devices and self-quantification
Household economics
Food (auto-)biographies and food trajectories
Methods for studying the eaters’ risks perception and risks management
Methods for studying food security and food satisfaction


The MIAM seminars cycle aims at gathering the authors of the future methodological book, to be published in 2019 or 2020.

Project Number : 1700-025

Year : 2017

Type of funding : SP

Project type : PC

Research units in the network : INNOVATION CEE-M NUTRIPASS

Start date :
28 Nov 2018

End date :
31 Dec 2019

Flagship project :

Project leader :
Olivier Lepiller

Project leader's institution :

Project leader's RU :

Budget allocated :
2500 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
2500 €

Funding :