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Nutrients accessibility speciation of organic residues from wastes for both pro-cess treatment and plant nutrition: physico-chemical indicators definition

Scenario Multi-agent system Forest fragmentation Agrobiodiversity Agroecosystem
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The Julie JIMENEZ research topic at INRA-LBE is focused on the rationalization of the treatment plant configuration through reverse engineering in order to optimize all the process design according to the targeted services (e.g. main valorisation way as energy production by anaerobic digestion and organic fertilizer production).

The specific objectives of the project are (i) select the best procedure of nutrients speciation according plant nutrition demand, (ii) validate the procedure by per-forming plant pot trials and find correlations between physic-chemical indicators and biological response;

Project Number : 1502-302

Year : 2015

Type of funding : AAP MOBILITE

Project type : AAP

Start date :
10 Apr 2017

End date :
09 Oct 2017

Flagship project :

Project leader :
Julie Jimenez

Project leader's institution :

Project leader's RU :

Budget allocated :
14904 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
14904 €

Funding :