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Outdoor laboratories for agrobiodiversity

Off-site laboratories to promote the use of agrobiodiversity in rural areas

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To set up and test an ’action research’ approach to agrobiodiversity, involving research teams, practitioners and rural stakeholders in 4 Mediterranean and tropical regions.
Sub-objective 1: To encourage practitioners and rural stakeholders to work together.
Sub-objective 2: to organise an international workshop to compare the results obtained in the different regions. This project is carried out in partnership with the BEDE association, which provides a link between research institutions and practitioners in the field.

Project Number : 1202-044

Year : 2012

Type of funding : AAP OS

Project type : AAP

Start date :
01 Jun 2013

End date :
31 Dec 2014

Flagship project :

Project leader :
Pascale Maizi

Project leader's institution :

Project leader's RU :

Budget allocated :
125000 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
125000 €

Funding :