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Open and distance learning for plant improvement

Open and Distance Learning for Plant Breeding

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Plant breeding integrates several disciplines of the biology and the applied mathematics. The recent evolution of the molecular biology, the appearance of new disciplines and the quantities of data to be managed renew needs in training in plant breeding. E-learning will facilitate the access to this knowledge to all users. From our cumulated experience in training young breeders in Montpellier-Supagro, AGROCAMPUS OUEST and AgroParisTech), it comes that there is a need for an e-learning plat-form referencing and offering resources to acquire or revise basic concepts and knowledge in plant science, genetics and statistics. Some resources already exist on the web (for example the Integrat-ed Breeding Platform of the Generation challenge program) but most of them are in English and an endeavor has still to be done to build an offer in French. The three teaching teams will use the opportunity of the Agropolis Fondation funding to start a national endeavor in plant breeding education. In this starter project, they will federate their skills and potentials, with the help of the scientists of our research units (AGAP, BGPI) to launch an exploratory project to elaborate the framework of a e-learning platform, analyse the availability of existing resources and elaborate and test the very first resources.


Creation of an e-learning platform in plant breeding sciences.


Meeting for the creation of the project between the partners and with new foreign partners
Evaluation of the open and distance learning courses available and proposition of new contents that must be created
Action planed:
Aggregating a team in charge of defining the framework of an ODT platform devoted to plant breeding
Make an assessment of knowledge required to follow a master in plant breeding or to make a training in one of the partner laboratory.
Evaluation of free existing online resources
Creation of a quiz to test student knowledge.
Open Distance Learning courses will be created by teachers and associated researchers of the different partner’s units.


Creation of web platform with a quiz and a link to a list of on-line courses available
Creation of one or two on-line courses
Proposals of a full project for the creation of a full e-learning module

Project Number : 1401-023

Year : 2014

Type of funding : AAP FORMATION

Project type : AAP

Research units in the network : AGAP MISTEA

Start date :
01 Sep 2014

End date :
31 Dec 2015

Flagship project :

Project leader :
Elsa Ballini

Project leader's institution :

Project leader's RU :

Budget allocated :
20000 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
20000 €

Funding :