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Opportunity for European students to join the 2022 One Planet mentoring programme on climate change and agriculture in Africa

The present call aims to identify young European students willing to join the One Planet mentoring programme on climate change and agriculture in Africa.

The candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline with clear connection to agriculture and climate change. The present call targets students ranging from the first year of Master’s degree to PhD level.

If selected, the young European scientist will become a learning partner and be paired with his/her African mentor and his/her African learning partner. The African mentor is a high-potential African agricultural researcher whose research focuses on climate change who has been selected through a competitive process. He/she is also referred as the OPFP Laureate. The African learning partner is a promising junior colleague (scientist) based in Africa and working preferably in the same university or research institution (but not a must) as the African mentor.

The mentoring programme between the OPFP laureate and the learning partners (both European and African) includes the following steps and activities, along a one-year period:

- All learning partners will join the Laureates/mentors physically for a Mentoring Orientation Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. They will develop their own ‘purpose road maps’ with guidance from the Laureates and plan their mentoring sessions;

- After completion of the Mentoring Orientation Workshop, the following two to four weeks, internships in the Laureate’s home institution are organized. This internship will create an opportunity for learning and sharing specific knowledge on unique challenges that climate change poses to Africa smallholder farmers;

- AWARD will organize the internship placements in Africa for the European learning partners;

- Learning partners will participate in a year-long programme of mentoring and leadership development through monthly meetings (physical for African learning partners and online for European learning partners) to work on their set goals with guidance from their mentors.

The stays in Africa will last from 3 to 5 weeks, starting with the Mentoring Orientation Workshop

Two information meetings will be organised:

- The first one on 14 June at 12.30 PM (CET) : Zoom Link
- The second one on 15 June at 5.30 PM (CET) : Zoom Link

The Terms of reference are available on the right of this page as well as the submission link.

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Start date : 1 June 2022

Closing date : 0000

Terms of reference

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