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Organisation du "17th international Eucarpia Meeting on Genetics and Breeding of Capsicum and Eggplant"

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The GAFL and Plant Pathology Units of the INRA PACA Centre, the GEVES in Cavaillon, the CTIFL in Balandran and the TERRALIA competitiveness cluster are organising the 17th international Eucarpia congress on the genetics and breeding of chilli and aubergine, which will be held in Avignon from 11 to 13 September 2019 (https://symposium.inra.fr/eucarpiacapsicumeggplant2019/). This international congress is a highly anticipated triennial meeting for the entire scientific community in research and development and the private sector working on these two Solanaceae. It usually brings together 200 to 250 participants, both from the academic and private sectors. The 16th edition brought together nearly 200 participants from 29 countries on 5 continents.

The scientific committee, composed of 15 international scientists specialised in chilli and aubergine genetics, proposed a 3-day pre-programme, divided into 5 sessions:
1) diversity of genetic resources and domestication,
2) genetic basis of resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
3) nutritional value and other quality and yield factors
4) biotechnologies,
5) breeding strategies.
It will ensure that all the scientific fronts covered for these two species are covered, in particular by focusing on the forthcoming publication of the aubergine genome and on the European G2P-SOL initiative aimed at inventorying the genetic resources of chilli and aubergine on a European scale and linking their genomic and phenomic data (http://www.g2p-sol.eu/).

This international congress generally brings together between 200 and 250 participants every three years. The expected attendance is therefore of the same order of magnitude. Online registration will be open until 1 September 2019. Registration will still be possible on 11 September 2019, at the official opening of the congress.

The scientific committee will select approximately 30 oral and 70 poster presentations. The congress will also offer four technical visits; these will be organised with the support of the interprofession and private breeding establishments. A book of abstracts and publications (congress proceedings) will be published on the occasion of the congress.

Project Number : 1900-003

Year : 2019

Type of funding : PC

Project type : SP

Start date :
11 Sep 2019

End date :
13 Sep 2019

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Project leader :
Véronique Lefebvre

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Budget allocated :
8000 €

Total budget allocated ( including co-financing) :
107030 €

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