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Organization of the session supported by Agropolis at the annual "TDWG - Biodiversity Information Standards" conference


By organizing a session of this meeting, Agropolis International and Bioversity international aim at gathering worldwide experts in Biodiversity Informatics in the French Centre for Agronomic research. It also provides an excellent opportunity to increase the international awareness on Agrobiodiversity Informatics activities and particularly, on Agropolis and Bioversity flagship projects which are included as strongs components in that area. Speakers will be invited to
talk (i) on ‘Pl@ntNet’ project – a Plant Computational Identification and Collaborative Information System, (ii) on the bioinformatics components of the ARCAD flagship programme, and (iii) on ‘The Global Information System on Crop Genetic Resources’ of Bioversity International. By combining all necessary expertise, the Agropolis session of this meeting aims at identifying challenges for enabling a strong connection of the locale initiatives (Pl@ntNet, ARCAD, etc.) with international standards used worldwide, and a major visibility of their originalities. This group of experts will work at developing and adapting international information and informatics standards on the important current topics relevant to agronomy and biodiversity information.

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    10 June 2009
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    30 June 2010
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