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PRETAG Initiative - Pesticides Reduction in Tropical Agriculture

If the negative impacts of pesticide use, both on human health and the environment
environment, are now recognized by an increasing number of players in society (scientists, public decision-makers, civil society, private companies, etc.), with the corollary of the launch of initiatives and public policies aimed at reducing their use in the North (including the ECOPHYTO plan in France and the Green Deal policy in Europe), the question of reducing the use of pesticides in tropical agriculture is still too little addressed. Initiatives do exist in certain export sectors.

In 2022, the PRETAG initiative on pesticide reduction in tropical agriculture was launched. In partnership with Fondation FARM, it aims to unite a scientific community and socio-economic players around the definition and implementation of an ambitious research and transfer strategy for pesticide reduction in tropical commodity chains over the next ten years.

This objective involves an initial two-year investment phase (June 2022-June 2024), coordinated by CIRAD, to prefigure this strategy and define its outlines. The second phase will involve setting up and implementing a broader research and development program involving other players (e.g. AFD, EU, COLEACP, foundations, FAO, WHO, etc.) and aimed at supporting socio-economic and political players in reducing the use of pesticides.