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19 November 2020

Round 2: Innovative Co-Learning for Agriculture-based Solutions

Agropolis Fondation is pleased to announce the launch of the second round of the call for proposals entitled "Innovative Co-Learning for Agriculture-based Solutions", in partnership with Biovision foundation and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture.

As a follow-up to the AAP Agriculture Based Solutions published in December 2019, this call aims to support innovative, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary training or learning projects that promote agro-ecological transition through innovative approaches, tools, teams and networks. This will be done through the funding of different types of actions (partial or full post-doc fellowships, half or full doctoral fellowships, support to young scientists for risky projects, funding of research schools) to support research and training through research. For all these types of actions, the Foundation wishes to encourage and mobilise a combination of disciplines, approaches, methodologies and partners.

The terms of reference of the call can be downloaded, in pdf, below.

The deadline for submission of proposals is the first of March 2021 for the second wave.

The submission form is available on the online platform.

An information meeting related to this call will be held in French at 2 pm Montpellier Time on december the 8th .