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Genetic and architecture in Mascarocoffea (MaGenA)

Population genetics and architectural-functional models of plant growth. Application to the preservation of genetic resources of Mascarocoffea, coffee trees native to Madagascar (MaGenA)

Microscopic (Gene/cell) Plant Genomics Operation/adaptation Genetic ressources Growth Model Coffee
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This Round Table brought together senior agricultural and rural development Ministry and development agency officials and specialists from northern and southern Mediterranean countries and international organisations. The experts discussed global and national policies that foster innovation for sustainable development in agriculture and food in the Mediterranean Region. Panelists drew on practical experience and lessons from successful cases from the OECD, Egypt, France and Morocco, and address the following three questions. First, what are the main drivers and spaces of agricultural and rural innovation for sustainable development at the national, regional and global levels? Second, what institutions have been successful in mediating and promoting learning and innovation and what support do they need? Third, what governance frameworks are required to allocate resources and manage complexity effectively for innovation (e.g. participatory learning approaches, public policies, financing, and assessing impact). The panel session concluded with some practical implications for better linking research and policy making processes and actors to foster innovation.


The results of the round table were posted on the site of the « Global Donor Plateform for Rural Development », were sent out through the AARINENA network and will be published as a book chapter within a book on ISDA which will be published by Quae-Wageningen Publishers and CTA in French and English.
We also hope that these reflexions will be carried on within the ArimNet, the Aarinena network, or at a next edition of the ISDA symposium.

Project Number : 0902-009

Year : 209

Type of funding : AAP INRIA

Project type : AAP

Start date :
01 Sep 2009

End date :
31 Dec 2012

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Sylvie Sabatier Philippe De Reffye

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67234.46 €

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92102 €

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