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The Global Rice Science Partnership Root Workshop in Agropolis


The AGAP, BPMP, DIADE and LSTM units have organized in Montpellier in the frame of the CGIAR research programme (CRP) Global Rice Science Partnershio (GRiSP) a workshop focusing on the root system of the model cereal, rice. The workshop gathered international partners conducting research activities on root development and function aiming at defining new ideotypes for breeding cultivars with enhanced capacity to capture resources (water and nutrients) under stress conditions. One objective of the workshop was to set the basis of an international network of labs working on these themes to accelerate gene discovery and the implement new breeding tools and strategies. The other objective was to delineate a serie of priorities on the agenda of root research that lay the basis of proposals to national and international calls. .


A two day workshop gathering 41 participants was held at Agropolis international. Twelve international groups have been unvited. The workshop lasted 2 days , the first day and half dedicated to presentations and leaving the floor for extensive discussions aiming at updating mutual knowledge on activities, know-hows, resources, tools and infrastructures available in the partner laboratories. The afternoon of the second day was dedicated to share and precise priorities on the research agenda of gene discovery, phenotyping, ideotype definition and breeding for an enhanced root system resource capturing capacities.


Amongst the main results of the workshop let cite the writing of a join position paper submitted as journal article to the Springer NY open source journal Rice, special issue on Roots and updating advances and priorities of root research in rice. Numerous contacts have been taken among participants that will lay the basis of submission of proposal for exchange programs and research consortia.


A solid community has been established an strengthened during the workshop : this has consolidated the existence and effectiveness of an international network of research lab that can further agregate other labs and expertises of other disciplines and be force of proposal when comes the opportunity to apply for bilateral exchange programs and national and international calls for proposals.

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    3 March 2014
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    30 June 2014
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