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To know, understand and adapt to Polymyxa graminis, a virus vector on tropical and temperate cereals


Compared to other protists, fundamental data on biology of Pg are still scarce and this biological model can be considered as orphan due to its complexity. Faced to this challenge, the project POGRIVE built an international research consortium which gathered complementary and interdisciplinary expertises on protist, virus and cereals.
The general objective of the project POGRIVE is to improve our knowledge of the Pg vector and the transmission of associated viral diseases on cereals, by examining (i) the environmental conditions that favor Pg multiplication and viral transmission, (ii) the biodiversity of these temperate and tropical pathosystems and (iii) the biological specificities of plant/virus/vector interactions.
A better knowledge of these pathosystems is the first step towards the modeling of the infection risks in relation with agro-ecosystem biodiversity and weather forecasting and the identification of durable cultural practices to reduce the disease pressure or its impact.


WP1: Ecology and spatio-temporal distribution of P. graminis and cereal viruses
WP2: Biodiversity of P. graminis and of viruses transmitted by Pg
WP3: specificity of the host/vector/virus interaction in controlled conditions

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  • Start date :
    1 January 2022
  • Closing date :
    31 December 2023
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