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This project aims to develop a MOOC to support the development of Vine and Wine courses and to improve the visibility and international attractiveness of the institution’s and its partners’ Master’s level courses. In particular, it involves building a 5-week introductory course in vine and wine sciences based on the scientific potential of the units of the Montpellier Vine and Wine cluster and partner institutions.


• Definition of the scope and content of the MOOC in viticulture, oenology and economics
• Recording of the filmed courses
• Design of digital course materials
• Design of evaluation tools
• Communication, distribution of a teaser
• Launching and running the MOOC
• Evaluation of the MOOC


The aim is to produce a complete introductory course in vine and wine sciences in English. This 25-hour course will offer digital resources enabling learners to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to understand the vine and wine industry. This course should contribute to increasing the visibility and attractiveness of the M Vine and Wine level courses of Montpellier SupAgro and its partners.

  • Project Number
  • Call for project
  • Start date :
    1 February 2016
  • Closing date :
    30 January 2018
  • Research units in the network
Scientific partners: