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12 December 2019

Climate change, biodiversity, food systems:...

Climate change, biodiversity, food systems: Agriculture-based solutions, this is the theme of the new Agropolis fondation call for projects, launched on 6/12/2019.

With the objective of promoting the agro-ecological transition of tomorrow’s agriculture, the Foundation is now striving, with the approval of its founding members and its Scientific Council, to work along three transversal axes:

Axis 1: Agriculture and climate change: adaptation and mitigation;
Axis 2: Conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity;
Priority 3: Responsible production and consumption.

Research teams who are members of the network are invited to position themselves on at least one or, if possible, several axes, by identifying the best axis representing their research field, questioning the issues at stake in their research work, and studying the potential interactions and contradictions between the ODDs and the Foundation’s three transversal axes.

This call for proposals will bear a specific interest on projects including new collaborations between researchers, disciplines, approaches and methodologies (including participatory research, involving key stakeholders) to address, directly or indirectly, the challenges of sustainable development goals.

The terms of reference and practical details of this new call are available on the Foundation’s website.

Answers are expected before 3/03/2020 midnight (Paris time).

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