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GFAR is the unique multi-stakeholder global forum on agricultural research and innovation. GFAR is an open, voluntary forum and a movement for change.

What is GFAR ?

  • A collective movement shaping a new future for agriculture and food
  • A catalyst of networked actions in agri-food research and innovation
  • 600+ partners working together across 13 sectors

    How does GFAR work ?
  • GFAR brings together partners from all sectors to tackle development challenges at all levels
  • GFAR puts smallholder farmers at the centre of agricultural innovation, shaping and delivering the opportunities and futures they desire
  • The Partners in GFAR bring their own commitments and resources, joining together in exciting Collective Actions that create change and impact on the ground
  • Each Collective Action is an innovation cycle that encourages a feedback loop of learning

What are Collective Actions ?
A GFAR Collective Action is a multi-stakeholder programme of work at local, national, regional or international level, initiated by three or more partners and prioritized by GFAR Partners, always including producers and with a particular focus on women and youth.

Work formulated through consultative processes of GFAR is delivered by our constituent partners. Partners agree to commit and generate resources together, to catalyze actions or advocacy towards shared, demand-driven development aims.These actions are fostered and supported through the GFAR Secretariat.