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The Foundation supports three categories of projects:

Research projects Training projects Dissemination, promotion and transfer projects
Exploratory and innovative projects;
Disciplinary projects exploring research fronts;
Major multidisciplinary flagship projects.
Creation of training courses;
Establishment of MOOCs;
International thematic schools.
International scientific events;
Project maturation/transfer;
Publication and dissemination.

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Workshop on “Tree stability: models standardisation and integration”

This workshop aimed in: (i) presenting the actual models, methods and computing tools that are available for tree stability investigations and prediction at the tree and stand scales; (ii) discussing about standardisation and integration of these methods and tools in decision support systems; (iii) deciding how to strengthen and make permanent the animation of this tree stability research network, and how to enhance and support international (...)
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18ème congrès International sur la symbiose Frankia et les plantes actinorhiziennes

Support for the visit of Allan Downie (Prof at the John Innes Center, England) for the introductory lecture and for the participation of researchers from southern countries in the 18th International Congress on Frankia symbiosis and Actinorhizal plants (21-25 August 2015) and of researchers and students from the South
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3D virtual tomato fruit

3D Virtual fruit - Application for the control of fruit growth and quality

The architectural properties of a fruit, such as its size, shape, internal structure (number of carpels) and pattern of vasculature, are remarkably diverse among species and varieties and may have a significant impact on the distribution of water and carbon inside the fruit. The aim of the project was to investigate the effects of fruit architectural properties on fruit quality by means of a 3D functional-structural fruit model. To (...)
Plant Ecophysio/architecture/phenotyping Fruit quality Growth Model Tomato
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AF 2019

4th World Congress on Agroforestry

The Montpellier Fourth World Congress on Agroforestry will address a wide range of key agroforestry research issues, gathering facts and figures from developing and developed countries and supporting a collaborative effort with broad social participation. World-known keynote speakers have been invited to make sure that today’s important agroforestry research questions are all addressed. The Congress will feature a variety of stakeholders to (...)
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8ème International Workshop on Anthocyanins

Funding for Kevin Gould (New Zealand), guest speaker at the 8th International Workshop on Anthocyanins (IWA2015 16-18/09/2015) and the registration fees of 3 to 5 participants from the South who will be selected from those who submit an abstract selected from those who submit an abstract
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Cocoa self-compatibility

A diagnostic kit to enhance cocoa breeding for self compatibility

The self compatibility of cocoa plants is a major yield trait for cocoa production. This project will participate to elucidate the genetic and molecular determinism of T. cacao incompatibility system, in order to provide efficient molecular tools to improve cocoa production.
Developing the plant of the future Plant Genomics Breeding Genetic mapping Cacao brazil Cameroon
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La vie cachée des sols

A happy families card game on soil biodiversity: "The hidden life in soils"

Support for the translation of a 7-family game for children (7 to 13 years old) on the "hidden life of soils" created by GESSOL (Environmental functions and sustainable management of the soil heritage), a research programme of the MEDDE (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy)
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A step further towards trait-based agroecology:considering agrosystem specificities in relationships between the functional structure of plan communities and the services provided in perennial cash crops/ cover crop system.

A step further towards trait-based agroecology: considering agrosystem specificities in relationships between the functional structure of plant communities and the services provided in perennial cash crop / cover crop systems The design of cultivated communities that provide a set of targeted services requires specific tools and methods to evaluate these services and compare the performances of different cropping systems. However, such (...)
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A three-country network for agri-food chain modeling applied to durum wheat

Building a network between three countries (France, Canada and Morocco) at two levels: Cooperation between research teams specialised in knowledge representation and reasoning methods, with the aim of combining their skills to design a generic approach to commodity chain modelling; Joint study of the durum wheat sector in these countries and their interactions; through, in particular, a long-term mission from August 2015 to July 2016 by (...)
Quality Plant Transformation Modelling Morocco wheat
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Peach-Rot Ideotype Modelling (PRIMo)

A tool to conceive sustainable production systems - case of the peach brown rot couple (PRIMo)

The peach-brown rot couple is a complex system under the triple influence of the genotype (fungus and host), the environment and cultural practices. Studying this system could lead to a reduction of fungicide use and thus to ecological, economical and health benefits. With the support of Agropolis Fondation, an interdisciplinary team of scientists from INRA conducted a study to illustrate how a model-based design approach could be used as (...)
Plant Ecophysio/architecture/phenotyping Operation Fruit quality Interaction Modelling root
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